Heavy Rumors Persist Regarding New PS3 Pricing In Japan

http:/gamernode.com/upload/Article images/ps3price1169699435.jpgSpeculation over new pricing began on Monday, when photos were posted on the internet, which showed the popular Japanese game retail store, Don Quijote, selling 20GB PS3s at a huge discounted price of $329 USD, down from $411–a 20% discount. Japanese website 2chanforum reported that the discounts were enacted at all Don Quijote stores, while other stories quickly surfaced that the PS3 was going to be discounted at all retails outlets across Japan.

The resulting avalanche of conjecture regarding why the PS3s were being sold at such a deep discount revolved around the idea that the PS3 was in dire straights, and was being reduced in price in order to generate sales. But as the rumors grew, official Sony representatives put on the brakes to the stories and declared that the discounted price was only in order to generate buzz for the product. According to Sony, "It looks like it is only one retailer, Don Quijote, and they are running a special for a limited time on a limited number."

In spite of the denials from Sony, the rumors continue to surface over the PS3 price reduction. Whether this is wishful thinking by the gaming community or merely an overblown reaction to a retail store’s attempt to bring in more customers, is a subject up for debate. But it does show one thing; the public is still highly fixated on the price point of the PS3, and any announcement to adjust the price of the console will be extremely big news.


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