Howard Stern flames Dr. Phil for Virginia Tech comments

After television shrink Dr. Phil expressed his opinion that the Virginia Tech shootings was caused by playing violent video games, shock jock Howard Stern had a few choice words for the doctor. In short, he said, "He’s a f***ing a**hole!"

Stern flamed Dr. Phil by saying, "You know the reason why Dr. Phil is an a**hole? …because whenever something like this happens he wants to play the blame game." The radio crew also sarcastically suggested that if video games were the cause of all violence in the world, then "Hitler played Donkey Kong" and "Osama Bin Laden played Grand Theft Auto."

He commented that whenever violence happens in society, the first things that are blamed for the cause are "the movies or something." Stern dismissed the whole theory about the connection between violent video games and violent behavior and said, "This is so stupid."

[via Game Stooge]


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