iMEvil: Overlord 2 Edition Review

With the massive amount of apps that hit the iTunes store every day, we rarely get around to looking at or reviewing iPhone games and apps. I decided to break from the usual gaming hussle to test out a new expansion pack to an app called iMEvil, a soundboard full of dark, sinister, and evil phrases spouted out by a dark lord straight from an early Final Fantasy game.

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “How does a soundboard have anything to do with gaming?” Let me explain. iMEvil uses popular voice actor David Sobolov, who has provided voice work for games such as Halo Wars, Brutal Legend, Dragon Age, Call of Duty 4, and Chronicles of Riddick. The second reason is that iMEvil just received a free expansion pack, featuring Overlord 2 sound clips, and this is what attracted me. I’m an Overlord nut. I love the games’ dark humor and minion command gameplay. If you can’t crack a smile sending your minions to kill baby seals, you’re probably a better person than I.

iMEvil features 32 different clips, ranging from phrases such as “I am in control,” to “You insolent child!” and my personal favorite, “I’d buy that for a dollar.” Each line is delivered in a convincing and hilariously scary tone from Sobolov that is perfect for playing jokes on your friends or saying your favorite evil phrase without messing it up. While these phrases are all good, I feel they don’t have a full range that makes good soundboards great. I tested the iMEvil soundboard by calling a friend (yea, I’m a great friend), and I ran out of believeable responses about 3 minutes in and the con was up.

The Overlord 2 pack, though, features a charming range of hilarity that will please Overlord fans all over, containing 35 sounds. Phrases from the game are replicated perfectly, such as, “So don’t delay, be evil today,” “Hippie Wasters,” and “But remember folks, evil isn’t just for kicks, it’s a career!” They even manage to throw in two of the minions’ songs, which are the best parts of the game. You get the “Ring around the Rosie” and “Soldiers” songs, the two that made me laugh the most while playing Overlord 2 and still evoked chuckles when I put iMEvil to use. I used this soundboard throughout the day in various situations that I though were appropriate (or inappropriate; I get the two mixed up sometimes). My girlfriend made a call to argue with a printer about photos she took to be developed, to which I played a minion screaming, “Show ’em who’s top of the food chain,” getting a eye roll and smirk. During a game of Left 4 Dead 2, a friend picked up the guitar melee weapon and I played into the mic, “Now don’t let the power go to your head!”

The Overlord 2 pack overshadows the stardard iMEvil one thanks to the minions manic banter and dry, dark humor. This isn’t saying David Sobolov’s voice acting isn’t great, it just can’t compete with minions singing “Ring around the Rosie.” But, as far as soundboards go, iMEvil and the Overlord 2 pack are a bit lacking. There’s not a good enough range of clips to really carry a conversation with, but at a $.99 for the app, I can’t not recommend it for Overlord 2 fans. It’s a opportunity to carry the minions in your pocket and that’s a joy you can’t pass up.


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