Inception game no longer a dream

Christopher Nolan, the writer and director of the films Inception and Following (he also did some comic book movie about a bat-man) told Entertainment Weekly that an Inception video game is in the works. Nolan said, "I always imagined Inception to be a world where a lot of other stories could take place."

Nolan said he was working with collaborators to develop the game, but offered no hints about who they were, or what development studio they work for. Perhaps the most interesting and exciting detail in the interview is that Nolan referred to the project as a, "longer term proposition." This means we won’t be seeing the game anytime soon, but it also means that Nolan is taking his time. Whatever this game becomes, it’s not going to be a simple licensed cash-in. Or at least, we hope it won’t be.

Nolan is not a man to reveal details or secrets, so don’t expect more details anytime soon.



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