Indie Game Highlight:The Underside

Welcome to the latest Indie Game Highlight. Our subject today is the freeware PC game called The Underside. The Underside is currently in development but the developer has released a playable demo so I will be basing this writeup on that.

The Underside is a 2D side-scrolling shooter/adventure hybrid much like Cave Story or Metroid. The difference here is that this game is a bit more linear and instead focuses more on the plot and dialog. The Underside’s hook is that it’s probably one of the funniest games ever created. The dialog is heavily influenced by EarthBound (my favorite game) and it’s downright hilarious. A choice quote is when you need to jump to a platform and there is a sign that reads "If you screw up this jump, you’re pretty stupid." Well at that point in the game, you don’t have the ability to make that jump so you’re forced to fall down the pit. When you land on the ground again, there will be a house waiting for you along with another sign, which reads, "The club for those who suck at jumping." The Underside is very fresh because of its writing. It’s the stuff I wish we’d see in games more often.

Like I said, the core gameplay is Metroid-lite. There is a small focus on exploration and finding hidden upgrades but most of the game is action-based. It works well and it can actually be extremely tough at times. The design choice of a decreased focus on exploring allows for more players to enjoy the story without being overwhelmed with branching pathways and large areas.

Graphically, The Underside goes for a pixelated 2D look reminiscent of Cave Story. In fact the game’s graphics look completely stolen from Cave Story (although the developer denies this). Despite that, however, the game looks very nice with some detailed animation and excellent pixel art.

The game is currently in development but you can download a demo that spans 5% of the game from the developer’s website.

Final word: Extremely funny, nice graphics, and quite fun to boot!

Final advice: Download it!


The Underside



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