INSANE Halo 3 beta stats

halo3BetapixNow that the Halo 3 beta has ended, people can resume their lives again after long nights of constant fragging; I’m sure the guys at our GamerNode offices are happy to see sunlight again too. (Actually, no we’re not. lol. — ed.)

Microsoft released some statistics about the beta; during the beta period (May 16th to June 10th), over 820,000 players got their game on.

Also, over 12 million hours of gameplay were logged during the period. (We’re sure the national electrical consumption took a big spike during this time.)

Despite some initial hiccups upon launch, the beta ran relatively smoothly and Microsoft extended the beta four more days to compensate for the troubles.

As I’m sure anyone could judge from this data, Halo 3 will be HUGE upon its release on September 25th.

The question is, now what do we do till September? Hopefully this new influx of Halo 3 fanatics will scoop up the lingering Xbox 360s on the shelves.

[Via Gamespot]


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