Insider says Blacksite Area 51 is broken on PS3

Blacksite Area 51Reports have come in recently about Blacksite: Area 51 missing online features such as voice chat on the PS3 version of the game. But according to an inside source on arstechnica, there maybe more problems with the port of the title then first thought and this is delaying its release.

The source said, "The PS3 version is experiencing issues and missed deadlines. Midway isn’t happy at all about the progress, and it’s a story I’ve heard over and over this year across the industry when it comes to the PS3 and cross-platform titles."

The Unreal Engine is the backbone of the Area 51 game and problems concerning the implementation of this game engine on the PS3 have also caused delays for other titles such as Unreal Tournament 3 and Stranglehold, which also use the Unreal Engine.

The industry rumors continue to spread that the PS3, while powerful, remains difficult to program for and this maybe one of the reasons why developers aren’t climbing aboard Sony’s game console as quickly as the company would like to see.


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