International Censors Go Postal With Online Release of Postal 2

In the United States, although “M” mature games are prohibited from being sold to minors in some parts of the country, there are no laws that restrict the selling of these games to “qualified” (read: adult) individuals. But this is not the case in other parts of the world such as Korea, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, and Singapore. In these countries, citizens of all ages are denied the opportunity to purchase games that are on banned lists. One company, RWS (Running with Scissors), has gotten around this “problem” by making its game franchise, “POSTAL”, available to the downtrodden through downloadable versions of the game. RWS signed on with SoftWrap, an online vendor, to take the game past the government censors and behind the closed doors of computer gamers. The SoftWrap company specializes in handling international currency transactions, so the point of sale is irrelevant. Think RWS is just kidding around? On their website, they had this to say, “Now no one is safe! RWS brings POSTAL to the world via SoftWrap’s electronic download technology. We scoff at international borders and unpredictable Road Warrior-esque Parcel Delivery Services! Now even the Little Taliban Children in [expletive deleted] Americastan will have access to [POSTAL] Apocalypse Weekend…” The “POSTAL” video games were inspired by real-life incidents involving frustrated U.S. postal employees who went berserk and went on shooting rampages to kill co-workers and supervisors. The term, “going postal”, was coined after these incidents and refers to individuals going violently out of control. Vince Desi, of RWS commented, "We believe that people have the same right to play any game they want to as they should have the right to read books, see films and listen to music of their choosing. Our games are ESRB rated and their contents clearly explained. No one is being harmed and the Earth will not spin off its axis because a game with a notorious reputation is sold around the world via the Internet." Now, that,s a relief.


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