Internet tax ban moratorium passes Congress

internetIn a very rare showing of unity, Congress has voted for a bill to extend the moratorium on the taxing of products sold online. The U.S. House of Representatives voted an astonishing 402-0 in favor of the extension.

If the vote had not passed, consumers could have faced additional costs of up to 17%.

One of the perks of buying things over the internet is the frequent situation of not having to pay state and local taxes. For gamers, this is a nice little bonus that can add up to quite a substantial sum over the long run.

But for all internet shoppers, this is good news as it can mean large savings by not having to pay the tax, especially if it is a big ticket item.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California, couldn’t hold herself back from taking a dig against the Republicans and stated:

"Unlike the Republican-controlled Congress, which allowed the moratorium on taxes on Internet access to expire for more than a year, the Democratic Congress voted today to extend the moratorium on time, ahead of the expiration date of November 1."

Well, so much for non-partisanship. The bill is expected to be signed by President Bush when it arrives on his desk.



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