Introducing the newest Street Fighter, El Fuerte

El FuerteJapanese print mag Famitsu recently revealed the newest member of the Street Fighter IV cast – a Mexican Lucha Libre wrestler known as El Fuerte.

This masked mystery man has since been described in greater detail on the official Capcom blog, and besides being a high-flying grappler and world-class street fighter, he apparently knows his way around a kitchen, too. He’s a gourmet chef, to be precise. You know, the usual.

"Judging by his appearance and profile, it looks like he utilizes a pro wrestling style. In fact, his style is none other than Mexico’s famous Lucha Libre brand of wrestling! Will we see that style’s trademark aerial acrobatics at work? We can only hope and wait with baited breath…

This fiery fighter is a man who divides his professional life between Lucha Libre wrestling and gourmet cooking. His hot-blooded spirit is enough to give even the mighty Red Cyclone a run for his money! Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for his lackluster cooking skills…"

Hmm, does this mean that one of his special moves it to chuck a fistful of chef’s knives at his enemies while jumping from the top turnbuckle? That sounds fun to me.



El Fuerte



[via Famitsu, Capcom]


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