Irrational's Mysterious "Project Icarus" Teaser Site Unveiled

project icarus

The process of hyping games has become quite the art form these days. From fabulous E3 reveal trailers to teaser sites, gamers have more and more reason to get excited about upcoming titles it seems. And Irrational Games (Bioshock dev) is the latest to jump on the hype train.  A few days ago, gaming sites across the net reported receiving invites to an August 11th event hosted by Irrational Games in New York. But nothing was made particularly clear in the invitation.

Now, it seems, the pieces are really falling into place with the appearance of a teaser site for what is called "Project Icarus" by Ken Levine, creative director, himself.  Seeing as how this has been Irrational’s project for the past few years, it’s likely the game is pretty far along, but they’ve certainly been very tight-lipped regarding any details.  All that Levine would say in a conversation with Game Informer was, "This product – it will come as a complete surprise, and it won’t be a surprise at all, in some ways."

What could that possibly mean? Well, that happens to be the title of the teaser site: All the website shows currently is a black background with some smoke and a small speck.  It’s probable that the site will fill out in the days leading up to the August 11th event, so keep your eye on it for more clues.

Until then, more speculation and hopes for Bioshock 3, System Shock 3, or a faithful remake of Superman 64.

[Game Informer]


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