Is the Wii really two GameCubes joined by duct tape?

Several weeks ago at the GDC, a Maxis employee named Chris Hecker said that the Wii game console was "a piece of s***," and that it was basically two GameCubes stuck together with duct tape. Hecker has since apologized for the rant, but the question of whether the Wii really is nothing more than a couple of GameCubes has stuck in the minds of some gamers.

Although we cannot give any definitive answers to this burning question, we can give some direction in trying to unravel this duct tape dilemma. On, some enterprising brave individuals decided to take apart the Wii and GameCube to see just how similar the innards of the two machines were. Will we find the suspicious duct tape inside the Wii? Check out the videos and make up your own minds on the matter.

As a warning, these videos aren’t exactly the most exciting things you’ll ever see, so it may be a good idea to run some music in the background while you view the footage.


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