It's alive! Gizmondo given second chance at life

If anybody remembers, there was a handheld game console that was released by Tiger in 2005 that promised GPRS, GPS and a new gaming experience that would tickle our fancies.

But a year later the company was shrouded with controversy as rumors were coming in that the executives at the company were heavily involved with organized crime figures. Gizmondo finally closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy in 2006 due to very poor sales.

But the latest news is that Gizmondo is coming back from the dead. Plextex, a UK electronics design company has indicated that they will bring back the failed handheld game console.

Ian Murphy, the technical director at Plextex confirmed this and said, "There are a few things to do, and it will be a while before that happens. But yes, the park has been recovered from the liquidators and we are bringing it back to market."

Murphy believes that Gizmondo has a chance to succeed the second time around because they will give the handheld device a better marketing and distribution campaign. "The only reason this device was not a success last time around was it was not fully brought into the market."

In a world that is primarily dominated by the PSP and the DS, it will take more than just marketing to make a success out of the Gizmondo–it will need a solid lineup of entertaining games.

[via eurogamer]


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