Iwata Comments on Wii Philosophy; Online Delivery

In a recent interview with Japanese newspaper NikkeiBP, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata commented on some of the ideas that brought the Wii,s innovative concept to life.When asked about the Wii,s controller, Iwata explained that the research stage of the controller,s production began three years ago when their developers wanted to create a new gaming experience that appealed to any gamer.”I was concerned that improving the graphical quality any further would not lead to more people playing games,” said Iwata. “We need to introduce innovative appeal if we want to increase the number of people enjoying games.”When Nintendo released promotional materials for the first time, advertising the new controller, fans were sceptical; however, it was not the first time the consumer doubted Nintendo,s bold decisions by deviating from tradition. When the Nintendo DS with its dual screens and stylus tool was first introduced, many gamers feared the worst. When it was released, the handheld system saw great success. With the Wii, many fans remember the DS and trust in Nintendo,s vision.”We have earned support for our user interface innovation much faster than I had expected, and this should help propel the Wii forward,” commented Iwata.On the concept of digital delivery on the Wii, Iwata was equally optimistic. “By offering an environment that allows [digital delivery], we hope to encourage more developers to pursue basic yet enjoyable gameplay,” he said. “Our intention with the Wii is to propose an alternate approach to gaming business, as the gaming industry is currently far too single-minded.”Another feature of the Wii that has gamers buzzing is its ability to stay connected to the internet even when it is turned off. Iwata reports that Nintendo plans to send updates and promotional material to Wii owners on a 24-hour basis. Imagine waking up and finding your Wii,s LED lamp blinking. Upon turning on your console, you find new demos to play, or even material you can send wirelessly to your DS. Iwata concluded, “Though many seem to feel that Nintendo is anti-technological, this is totally untrue. There are multiple ways in which you can apply new technology. Some design Formula 1 cars, others design hybrid cars. We have merely spent a lot of time discussing which approach would help us increase our customer base.”

With rumors buzzing about a pre-holiday release date, gamers may be able to experience Iwata,s vision soon enough.


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