J Allard loses PSP bet — wears dreads

Microsoft exec J Allard made a bet in 2005 with Newsweek staff writer N’Gai Croal. The bet? Croal said that the PSP would surpass the 10 million unit mark in a shorter amount of time then the PS2. If Croal won the bet, J Allard would have to make a speech on stage wearing dreadlocks. If Croal was wrong, J Allard would get to shave the hair off of Croal’s head.

It turns out that the PSP did exceed the PS2’s selling pace and two year’s later, J Allard has owned up to his lost bet and has done what he said he would do. On Microsoft’s official bio-page of J Allard, there appears a photo of the Xbox exec sporting some rather long dreads and holding a PSP in his hands. (We think he should wear this outfit to all of his board meetings.)

J Allard explained the circumstances leading up to his new hairdo on Microsoft official website, "Well, N’Gai called it. In October 2005, Sony announced that they had surpassed 10 million units sold after only 10 months of commercial availability. He had me beat.

"The thing is, he never got to cash in on the wager. In 2006, I had shifted my focus to a new project called Zune, didn’t present at E3 the annual games conference and I had forgotten about the challenge. He reminded me a couple weeks back that I never made good on the bet so here are the promised dreads – 360 days after the last E3 Xbox press conference."

Now, if we could get Bill Gates to take a bet like this one…

[via Microsoft.com]


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