Jack Thompson walks out during his hearing

Jack ThompsonThe master of immature law tactics and logical fallacies could be in trouble after walking out of a courtroom in the middle of a hearing that could have potentially banned Jack Thompson from practicing law for as long as ten years.

Issued by the Florida Bar, the recommendation would call for Thompson being totally removed from law for a decade. But we all know Jack couldn’t take this sitting down! No, he did the sensible thing–he walked right out of the court after saying the judge had no authority over him.

What a great impression that must have left on all within the courtroom! This did nothing to impede the case, as the court simply moved on without him. The Florida Bar handed in their recommendation, and Judge Dava Tunis should have the official decision in by September 2.

Before walking out of the courtroom, Thompson obviously felt the need to take things a step further; he handed in a 4,500-word objection to the recommendation for his ouster "Thompson’s Formal Objection to June 4 Sanctions Hearing".

The objection railed off on both Judge Tunis, calling her an arrogant and incompetent woman that he would attempt to remove from office in the near future, and the Florida Bar, calling them fascists and denying that he was not involved in a culture war. The objection ends with Thompson putting words in Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s mouths, saying that the three of them understand the dangers posed by GTA.

Jack Thompson can attempt to save himself, but at this point it’s a bit useless to resist. The whole affair is akin to a child saying that his mother has no authority to punish him, objecting to the punishment, and then walking out of the house while she is speaking; Thompson can try all he wants, but he most certainly stained his reputation a shade darker, if such a thing is still possible.

You can read Jack’s objection at Console Patrol.


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