Jobs & Submissions

We are currently looking for more people to contribute in the following capacities:


News Reporter

GamerNode is seeking diligent, hard-working games industry enthusiasts to write daily news articles about the most interesting, important, relevant, and timely current events in gaming.

At the moment, this is a volunteer position, so “enthusiast” is the key word here. You should be the type of person who scans the internet daily for all the latest news, rumors, events, and announcements, finding the juiciest stories and delving further to unearth exclusive content for GN’s readers. We also require that you be proficient at communicating information in interesting and efficient ways — strong, creative, committed writers with a bit of wit and a desire to take things to the next level.

How do you do that, you ask? Here’s a rundown of what we expect in the forms of voice and style in our news writers:

Most of what you will focus on is clean copy, intelligent language, and GamerNode-specific style and posting conventions, which will be provided to you if we bring you aboard. A chief aim will be to promote discussion and make readers feel involved, invested, and familiar with us and what we do at GN. We will want to avoid talking “at” them from GN HQ, but rather “with” them in their living room or office. This means direct engagement (questions), a degree of conversational language (conversational and intelligent are not mutually exclusive), and injecting personality into news such that they recognize, remember, and want to talk to us.

This position is also strictly news writing, first and foremost. Features, previews, and reviews may be possible in the future, but you are primarily a news writer and will dedicate yourself to giving our readers the most up-to-date industry info. We will also want you to dig deeper than your average website by contacting industry representatives to get to the bottom of breaking stories. If you don’t have any contacts, don’t worry, we’ll be able to help you out with that.

Other Preferences:
– Active social networking presence (Twitter, Facebook, N4G, Raptr, etc.)
– Knowledge of SEO
– Familiarity with WordPress

If this all sounds like something you can get excited about and help our editorial crew tackle, then don’t be afraid to shoot us an application as soon as possible! To do so, send a letter, resume, a few clips to


Feature Writer

GamerNode is seeking diligent and hard-working games industry enthusiasts to write weekly original features — opinion pieces, analysis, comparison pieces, lists, themed articles, serial columns, etc. — that will be highly interesting to readers and help build GamerNode’s audience.

At the moment, this is a volunteer position, so “enthusiast” is the key word here, but you’ll be published on a well-known and respected independent gaming website, and will be given a great amount of freedom to develop articles falling within a wide range of topics, types, style, and voices. Anecdotes, academic analysis, comedy, commentary, opinions, lists, and many other options are available. We just ask for strong, creative, committed writers with a bit of wit and a desire to take things to the next level.

If this is you, drop us a line. Don’t be shy. Plus, the more you write, the more games you earn, press trips you attend, and cookies you receive. This is a good place to be.

Want to be part of the journey and push for further success? Feel free to apply by sending a resume, writing samples, the types of articles you’d like to write (news, reviews, previews, features, interviews, all of the above), which gaming platforms you own, and a little bit about yourself to:



To submit individual pitches for feature articles and editorials, or to review a game you’ve been playing, please contact us at Please be advised that no freelance submissions will receive monetary compensation, but you will get your work exposed to a wide audience and you will receive full credit for any article that is approved and published. There exists a possibility that similar articles to your own may already be in the works at GamerNode, and your submission here is an agreement that you fully understand such coincidences can occur, and you absolve GamerNode of all liability regarding theft or plagiarism.