John DiMaggio talks Gears of War 2

gears of war 2With GDC just passing, info on a bunch of new games sputtered out of the pipes, one of which was the newly announced (but to no surprise) Gears of War 2. There wasn’t much else said about GoW2 after that, until IGN had an interview with voice-actor John DiMaggio, voice of Futurama’s Bender and Gears of War’s Marcus Fenix.

On top of continuing his voice role as Marcus Fenix, he also voices the character of Franklin, leader of the Stranded back during the Nightfall level. DiMaggio said, "We’re doing Gears of War 2 right now; we’re in the middle of production. I’m reprising my role as Marcus again." He continued, "I’m doing one of the characters, Franklin – those are the two that I’m reprising."

"It’s badass. In fact, I saw some of the stuff yesterday! Which level was it? It was, well listen, there’s bigger beasts in this game. Bigger beasts. Remember the scene with the Brumak, when the Brumak comes out and we’re like ‘Brumak! Roll! Get outta there!’ and it’s coming after them – and they don’t have a fight with him? Well, they fight him now."

In terms of presentation, "It looks cool as s—. The storylines are really cool and the relationships of the guys in the game – the sequences that explain things that are going on – they’re a lot deeper. Most of the voice-actors who do the games are friends, so it’s kinda cool – we’re all fans of the game."

So there you go, a little bit of clarification straight from the mouth of Marcus Fenix himself. Who wouldn’t be surprised if they had you fight two Brumak’s in the second installment, to make those sad Xbox360 owners happy over the fact that they didn’t get the Burmak battle but the PC version did.


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