Killzone 2 wins "Dumbest AI" award

Oh man, I’m just stoking the fanboy fires with this one. Still, the question needed to be asked. Why? In their October issue EGM awarded Halo 3 Smartest AI, while Killzone 2 earned the dubious distinction of having the Dumbest AI.

Now, I’ve played neither and thus have no reason to question their judgement (at least anymore than usual), but the fact that best and worst were awarded to both flagship FPS’s for either console is bound to have spawned plenty of fanboy hatred.

Of course, that’s what happened. In a blog post, Dan Hsu, EGM editor, responded to allegations of bias:

But there’s gotta be some other, lesser-profile games with worse A.I. than Killzone 2. – Based on what we’ve seen and what we voted on, totally fairly, Killzone 2 nabbed the award. Part of the problem is, the Killzone 2 showed some very noticeable flaws. It wasn’t like the enemies were just standing around. Like we mentioned in the write-up, the bad guys were actually jumping out of cover to get *in* the line of fire. It’s like they wanted to get shot. That alone, unfortunately, made Killzone 2 look worse (A.I.-wise) than it probably is.

Plus, these awards aren’t that big of a deal, people. They were laughing at one example of weirdness on display, that doesn’t mean that they hate the company you’re strangely obsessed with.


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