Killzone 3 will have split-screen co-op


Guerrilla’s managing director Herman Hulst has confirmed that Killzone 3 will have split-screen co-op.

After seeing a leaked image from the game, most fans had already predicted the news before Hulst’s reveal during a 1UP interview.

While describing how much more awesome the game’s graphical presentation is compared to Killzone 2 (like, 50 percent better!), Hulst dismissingly delivered the news most knew was coming.

"You can see it in split-screen co-op," Hulst said about the upped design of the game. "Of course, there’s some trickery you have to do. But at the end, what I think is much more core than the resolution or frame rate issue, because that isn’t an issue with us, is the amount of tender love and care you put into things like the HUD — things that are blatantly obvious if they’re wrong, like if there’s a crosshair that’s just right in front of your face. That’s what pulls you out of the experience. Or, if there’s so much detail on the screen that you get overloaded. We blur stuff like that out. We make sure it’s comfortable one [sic] the eyes and that it’s intuitive."

With that thought in mind, Hulst said that while he enjoyed working with the 3D aspect of the game, it wasn’t a main focus for the developers.

"I don’t want people who don’t have 3D to have a suboptimal experience," he said. "That said, if you play it in 3D… you see some of the cuts scenes and sequences in 3D, they look outstanding. They really pull you into the action. You’re more than ever submerged. But we don’t want to alienate the core audience."

Killzone 3 is scheduled to be released February 22, 2011.





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