Konami Classics Series Arcade Hits Review

I’m sure you’ve played at least one of Konami’s classic arcade games at some point in your life. Now, thanks to Konami, you can play 15 different Konami arcade game classics on your DS. Plus, you won’t have to waste quarter after quarter like you had to back in the 80s. Konami Classics Series Arcade Hits includes 15 different games packed into one nice package. Some of the more popular games include Contra, Gradius, Horror Maze, and Time Pilot. Some of the other titles are just thrown in for jollies, even though they aren’t very fun, like Circus Charlie and the cleverly titled Basketball.

The presentation of the game is what really makes things interesting. From the loading screen to the actual gameplay, all of the sounds and graphics make you feel as if you were in a dingy arcade back in 1982. You’ll even be required to insert an imaginary quarter into the "machine" each time you play a game by pressing the Select button. It was annoying at first, as it’s not really expected, but as you continue playing it just seems natural.

The games themselves are simple without any depth, as you would expect, but the fun factor is definitely up there for a few of the titles. You’ll find some games you really enjoy and others not so much. Contra alone should take you a while to play all the way through, and you can’t beat the button mashing madness of Track & Field.

The game is packed with customizable options for each and every title. A player can change the main screen to either the top or bottom screen, whichever they prefer; the game’s instructions will appear on the opposing screen. You can also play the game in two different styles. One way is to play the DS upright as you normally would, although the games don’t look as "original" as the classics because the screen is longer horizontally than it is vertically. The games do play more smoothly this way, though. Another option is to flip the DS on its side and play with the more original feel. The games will look better this way, but some games get a little choppy at points. This is nothing major, and shouldn’t be much of a distraction.

Konami has also loaded the game with multiplayer support features. Sadly, WiFi was not integrated into the game, so you’ll have to play with friends or possibly with your annoying neighbor (if they’re within distance). The second person you are playing with does not need a game of their own to play with you, which is always a big plus.

Gamers can also save their high score run on any given game and show it off to their friends. It would have been cool to see the top high scores of players from all around the world, but as I said before, there’s no WiFi support. Even so, having bragging rights with friends is never a bad thing.

Konami Classics Arcade Hits has a ton of replay value packed into it. At a retail value of $30 for only 15 games, how can you lose? Some people will love this game, and some people will hate it. If you’re into retro games and own a DS, this is the game for you. You won’t find many other titles out there that offer what Konami is offering in this game. If Konami could have added WiFi support, this would have been the complete retro gaming package.


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