"Last Generation" Rumble Coming to PS3?

While PS3 gamers around the world have been bemoaning the lack of a rumble feature in the PS3’s Sixaxis controller, Sony did what it could about the matter–ignored it. Sony has given every possible excuse to explain why the feature was left out, remaining adamant that it was the right decision. It was only last week that Sony’s Phil Harrison gave his take on the matter, saying that the rumble element was left out of the PS3 controller because it was "last generation technology."

But even the great Sony has had to bend its will to the great number of complaints from the gaming community and has decided that having a rumble feature in PS3 controllers may be the best decision after all. Coincidentally, Sony has also just now settled its lawsuit with the patent holders of the DualShock technology.

Immersion, creator of the rumble technology–which is also used in Xbox 360 and Wii controllers–sued Sony for patent infringement in 2003. Sony lost the case and was ordered to pay $82 million in damages in 2005, but Sony has been dragging its feet in paying the damages. But today, Immersion and Sony have come to an agreement and the two companies will "explore" the idea of reintroducing the rumble feature in Sony’s product line. There is no mention of the PS3 Sixaxis controller, but it’s readily apparent what product line is being referred to.

Victor Viegas, CEO of Immersion, stated, "Our new business agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment is specifically intended to enable advanced vibration capability for the benefit of the PlayStation gaming community. We are happy to provide our technology in this regard and hope to make technical proposals very soon with respect to use of our technology in the PlayStation products."

Sony said, "We are very pleased to have reached a cooperative agreement with Immersion regarding the use of its advanced vibration technology (haptics technology). We look forward to working closely with them as we explore new and innovative ways to utilize this technology in PlayStation products."

The Associated Press revealed that Sony will make a total payment of $22.5 million to Immersion Corp. over three years, and will in return receive the licenses to several of Immersion’s patented technologies. Immersion’s main business is in developing rumble features for various consumer products such as cell phones, and of course, game controllers.


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