Last Oblivion DLC to be released on Monday

oblivionThis coming Monday, Betheseda Softworks will release the final downloadable content for their RPG, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In a final gesture of good faith, the DLC will be free for both Xbox 360 and PC players. The free price tag will drop off after a week, so mark it on your calendars.

The new DLC, dubbed Fighter’s Stronghold, will include a new castle located in the Colovian Highlands in Chorrol, which you can take-over and fancy it up into your private home. Included within the castle will be patrolling guards, a vault, a combat trainer and an ancient Dwemer Forge.

In related news, main Bethesda man Pete chatted up on the Bethesda Blog recently and mentioned that PS3 owners will see Shivering Isles pretty soon. The final concept is not hammered down, but it’ll be either through PSN or through retail.

Pete finishes up by mentioning that next week, two Elder Scrolls games will hit retail: Shivering Isles for Xbox 360 and the Oblivion Game of the Year edition for PS3.

Now that DLC is all wrapped up for Oblivion, maybe they’ll shift more focus on Fallout 3? Also, we don’t officially know if Bethesda is working on Elder Scrolls V, but I’m assuming they will since it will be worth lots of $$$.


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