Latest Mass Effect 2 DLC revealed

Overlord DLC

Mass Effect 2‘s fourth DLC pack, titled Overlord, was revealed at yesterday’s EA EU Showcase event in London. The content has no official release date as of yet, but BioWare has confirmed that the addon will cost 560 Microsoft or BioWare points depending on the platform it’s purchased for (Xbox 360 or PC).

BioWare’s Casey Hudson, lead designer of Mass Effect 2, provided details on the new missions.

"When sent to investigate a Cerberus research base that’s mysteriously gone silent, Shepard arrives to find Geth overrunning the base. The sole survivor, Chief Scientist Archer, paints a dire picture: an experiment to fuse a human volunteer with a virtual intelligence created a dangerous hybrid "VI overlord". The rampaging VI has already attacked three other Cerberus bases, controlling any technology it finds in an attempt to break free-and unleashing Geth across the planet. Unless Shepard can infiltrate the VI’s fortress and shut it down, this homicidal intelligence will beam itself-off planet and wreak havoc on other systems. The action unfolds over five new level areas, with two new achievements." 

Hudson also confirmed that BioWare has no plans to release new characters, such as Kasumi or Zaeed, in future DLC. I guess that the current "dirty dozen" will have to suffice for now.

Screenshots below:

Overlord 2

Overlord 3

Overlord 4

Overlord 5




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