Let's Play: Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

let's playWelcome to another exciting edition of Let’s Play! This time, we shall explore the dark recesses of Nosgoth. We shall become vampires and prey on the pathetic humans. We shall be gods!

As some of you have already figured out, we’ll be playing Legacy of Kain this time around, one of my favorite games series. It’s one of those games that I think doesn’t get as much praise as it should.

Why should it get praise? Well, it has some of the smartest dialogue I’ve heard in a game, its storyline is awesome, and it always manages to bring something new to the table in terms of gameplay.

Blood Omen for the PC and PS1 is the game in this series that we will play. It’s the first game in the series, so it should be a great introduction to the series if you’ve never played an LOK game. You may even get hooked enough to buy the rest in the series.

If you have played an LOK game, this could be a very nostalgic experience, or, if you’ve played all of them but this one, you’ll finally be able to understand just who the hell Nupraptor is and what the Pillars of Nosgoth are.

Go to the thread for rules/where to get the game/how to make it run on XP/Vista. I hope to see you guys there!



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