Listen Up: Top 25 Soundtracks of The Current Console Generation

5. Mass Effect 2 –  This entire soundtrack is a subtle marriage of rich orchestral ear-massage and sci-fi inspired synth, but Mass Effect 2 shines for its “Suicide Mission” track in particular. This dark, brooding melody that leaps into orchestral triumph, plays for the game’s final mission. When you and your team are stepping off the Normandy and into the jaws of death, the music cements the moment as one of gaming’s most exciting. (Contributing Writer Aled Morgan)


4. BioShock – The music of BioShock impressively achieves believable, period-specific ambiance on a science-fiction backdrop. Garry Schyman’s string- and piano-heavy, classical-influenced score combines with licensed 30s, 40s, and 50s tracks to create an eerie, suspenseful atmosphere that instantly places players in its mausoleum of a civilization, leagues below the sea’s surface. With every step and at every corner, the music weighs that setting even more heavily on players, adding to what is undeniably an unforgettable gaming experience. (Editor-In-Chief Eddie Inzauto)

3. Mass Effect – The welcoming yet foreboding melodies of “The Wards.”  The driving beats of “Virmire Ride.” The serenity of “Vigil.” There are plenty of reasons why the original Mass Effect is home to the best soundtrack of the trilogy. One only needs to play through the entire trilogy and count how many times songs from this game are repeated in its sequels to realize. If this were my personal list, you’d see this two spots higher at number one, but number three among the GamerNode writers is still a lofty position for this masterpiece. (Senior Editor Jason Fanelli)


2. Red Dead Redemption – Few videogame soundtracks perfectly capture an entire setting and time period, but Red Dead Redemption just screams “American Old West.” From eccentric musical swells to contemplative piano pieces, RDR’s score parallels the feelings of curiosity, paranoia, and wonderment that define John Marston’s gradually changing world. (Associate Editor Anthony Labella)


1. Bastion – It’s rare that I’ll like a game’s original soundtrack enough to seek it out after the credits roll, especially when untamed lyrics poo on a game’s otherwise bearable score. Even rarer is the single song in a game that I play for my mother who, like so many mothers before her, hates video games. “Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme)” is only one out of a full offering of Bastion’s soundtrack that complements the game’s action, tone, and universe, and can make my mom tear up. (Managing Editor Dan Crabtree)


That’s it, the Top 25 soundtracks from this console generation, as voted on by the GamerNode staff. The 360, PS3, Wii, and the handhelds are far from dead, so there are more musical stylings to hear and enjoy. Will any of them surpass these 25? Only time will tell, but for now, revel in these soundtracks and love every musical second of them.

Oh, and before I forget…

Keep listening. You’ll never know what you’ll miss if you don’t.

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