LittleBigPlanet pre-order gift from the gods

LittleBigSac Sony’s highly anticipated and frequently delayed platform game LittleBigPlanet is finally coming to PlayStation 3 owners this October.  And to kick off the awesome fest that will be the game, Sony has announced what is shaping up to be the best preorder bonus I have ever seen.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a special edition, this is a freebie just for putting 5 dollars down at your local gaming pawnshop.  You get the LittleBigPlanet Creator from Brady Games (a guide to creating awesome levels),  LittleBigStickerBook (self-explanatory), LittleBigPouch (a small pouch to hold your game, pictured), and two exclucive pieces of SackBoy downloadable content in the form of Nariko and Kratos.  You can grab all the actual details on the site.

I haven’t been this excited about the extra stuff to come with game since the BioShock Special Edition with Big Daddy figure.  But I need to reiterate that there is no special edition of this game, and all that stuff could have easily been included in a special edition for ten or twenty dollars more.  That is what you call great fan service.

So if all of the free stuff that is going to come with your preorder wasn’t enough, the 5th comment in the post at Sony’s site is this:




Can you call SackBoy toys confirmed?  Later on Mark also says "Definitely in the works…" to someone else saying they want a SackBoy.  While chances are good that I would purchase a SackBoy, chances are even better that I would like it more if it was free.

The post concludes by telling us that we should hear more about LBP (it’s what the cool kids call it) in the next few days. This could be that megaton announcement we reported on earlier, or it could be the announcement of a SackBoy with every purchase. Either way we will keep our ears to the streets. Now what are you waiting for? Go preorder LittleBigPlanet!



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