Major Nelson warns (again) about account sharing.

Major NelsonI never got why people are so fascinated with having a high Gamerscore. I have a couple of friends who I have aptly named "Achievement Whores", who either out of OCD or some other odd defect in their psyche insist on achieving a perfect Gamerscore on just about every game they touch. What happened to the good ol’ days of just enjoying the game?

Apparently there are Achievement Whores out there who can’t do it on their own. Major Nelson just released another warning to account sharers everywhere that their accounts will be deleted if caught. There are people out there who are sharing their accounts in order to have others complete all the hidden skulls in Halo 3… instead of reading a FAQ page and doing it themselves… This stuff puzzles me.

Also, there are gamers out there who are artificially enhancing that Gamerscore that nobody looks at to show off to themselves that they are really cool. Major Nelson warns that those accounts also run the risk of being deleted.

Bottom line? Just play, and let your Gamerscore rack up on its own… it’s really not that big of a deal anyway, guys.


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