Man, Is It Good To Be Back…E3 '09 Predictions!!

Hello people!

How I’ve missed you all these long days without GamerNode. I think I speak for everyone here at the website when I say that I missed writing about that which I love: gaming. Now that we’re back, I’m gonna get the ball rolling ASAP.

Which reminds me…

Next week is E3 2009!!!!!!! If you’re a gamer, you’re giddy. Next Tuesday, I’ll be doing a up-to-the-minute live blog of the Nintendo and Sony press conferences, with all the news, announcements, and (my) reactions to what the the two titans have to say (For the Microsoft fans, I work during their presentation, or else I’d be blogging that one too). Feel free to follow along with me if you like. In preparation for next week’s extravanganza, I, like everyone else, have my own predictions (and hopes). If what I write here comes true, I’ll be a very happy gamer. Let’s see…

 E3 2009 PREDICTIONS (Odds in parentheses)

1. Rare will announce its next big project (2:1)
2. Sony will announce a new PSP of some kind (3:1)
3. Nintendo will announce a new Wii Zelda game (8:1)
4. Microsoft will shed some light on this new camera rumor I’ve heard so much about. (4:1)
5. Metal Gear Solid 5 will be announced. (10:1)
6. A Wii version of one of these Nintendo titles will become official: Star Fox, Kirby, Pilotwings, StarTropics, F-Zero. (25:1)
7. God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Mass Effect 2 will all get solid release dates (7:1)
8. Sony will announce a new PS3 bundle, but won’t say anything on the cost. (8:1)
9. Either Bayonetta or Modern Warfare 2 will be Game of the Show. (25:1 on Bayonetta, 4:1 on MW2)
10. Cammie Dunaway will look like a dope on stage. (1:1)

E3 2009 HOPES

1. The American version of Tatsunoko vs Capcom will have either exclusive characters or online functionality. (50:1)
2. MGS 5 will be a prequel set in two time periods: Before Metal Gear (as Big Boss) and before MGS4 (as Raiden). (30:1)
3. Star Fox is the Nintendo franchise to receive a Wii iteration (20:1)
4. Rare’s next project will be Killer Instinct related (25:1)
5. Mass Effect 2‘s release date will be before Christmas (500:1)
6. Kingdom Hearts 3 is announced (75:1) as a PS3 exclusive (1000:1).
7. The Microsoft camera that will be unveiled will actually be cool (500:1)
The new Wii Zelda title will use the Wii MotionPlus accessory (40:1)
There will be a brand new IP announced by someone that will blow us all away (10000000:1, but please let it be so)
Nintendo’s E3 ’09 will be a lot like Nintendo’s E3 ’04, not E3’08. (Remains to be seen:1)

There we go…see you all Tuesday…


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