Man pees on PS2 and gets a big charge out of it

We’re not totally sure if this story is real or not, but it’s such a funny one that it merits some news space around here. According to, a campus party near the University of PS2_2Wyoming almost turned into a tragedy because someone couldn’t hold his water.

Gary Wells decided to celebrate the purchase of his brand new PS3 by inviting 20 of his friends over. And what was the highlight of the evening — a raffle to determine who would destroy his old PlayStation 2 console. The honor fell to Mike Post, who was thoroughly drunk and barely able to stand.

PS2He walked over to the PS2 and started to wee on it. Not Wii, we’re talking urination here. The crowd laughed and cheered until the PS2 shorted out (it was plugged in) and the resulting fireworks produced a serious case of electrocution on Mr. Post. He fell to the floor unconscious.

He awoke after 10 seconds and was taken to Ivinson memorial Hospital and was released the next day, fit as a fiddle.

Moral of the story? Don’t piss-off the PS2. And we mean that in the literal sense.


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