Mark Rein: UT3 on PS3 looks better than Gears

ut3gruntPro-G chatted up Epic Games’ Mark Rein and got word about how the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 is shaping up. According to Rein, UT3’s visuals on the PS3 will be better than Gears of War. Talk about powerful, because Gears’ visuals were pretty darn good.

Rein said, "People are going to be pleasantly surprised. It’s a really high end experience that pushes the graphics bar up even higher than Gears of War. There’s more polygons, there’s more stuff going on, there’s more explosions and there’s more things happening, so we’re just really pleased with the way the game runs on the PS3."

Giving similar comments with Infinity Ward, Epic Games mentioned developing for the PS3 hasn’t been particularly troublesome, but the company is used to developing with new platforms.

"You know, bringing a game to any new piece of hardware is difficult. That’s just the nature of making games. Making games is hard. It’s a hard business. I don’t think the PS3 was any more of a challenge than any other new piece of hardware that we’ve used. Remember, we’ve been making PC games for years and the PC isn’t one platform, it’s hundreds of platforms. There’s no two PCs that are completely identical in many cases. That’s just the challenge of making games."


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