Marvel vs Capcom 3: A Roster Wish List

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So now we know 16 characters have officially included in the Marvel vs Capcom 3 roster. The original Captivate reveal gave us Ryu, Morrigan, Chris Redfield, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Hulk. E3 2010 gave us Dante, Felicia, Deadpool, and Captain America. Most recently, San Diego Comic-Con 2010 presented Chun-Li, Trish, Amaterasu, Doctor Doom, Super Skrull, and Thor. 16 playable, and already the roster seems like a dream.

Of course, many sharp-eyed fans saw Viewtiful Joe’s silhouette in one of the Comic-Con trailers, so he can be expected. Also, Dormammu is shown in the extended E3 2010 trailer, though we don’t know if he is playable or the final boss. That adds two more to the mix, but where do we go from there?

Assuming Dormammu is not the final boss, that makes 18 roster spots filled (9 Capcom, 9 Marvel). Who else will join the third scrap? That remains to be revealed…but it’s sure fun to think about!

I’m going to offer you my thoughts on the rest of the playable roster. Call me crazy for some of my inclusions, praise me for others. Whatever you do, though, read and react. I’m not saying I’m the end-all-be-all, but after much thought, I think this is the best I can predict.

NOTE: My final roster number is 38. I expect it to be anywhere from 36-42. I’ll add extras at the end.


9 spots currently filled, 10 to go

TvC to MvC Promotions:
Let me preface this: If Marvel vs Capcom 3 is the major leagues of crossovers, then it can be said that Tatsunoko vs Capcom is a minor league: a trial to see which characters worked and which didn’t, almost in preparation for MvC3. Other than the obvious choices (Ryu, Chun-Li, Morrigan) and the one already called up (Viewtiful Joe), I have two others that will make the leap from TvC to MvC.

Frank West

10. Frank West (Dead Rising)
He didn’t exactly make sense for TvC, but he was included, and he was awesome. Zombies flying all over the place, some even in shopping carts, created havoc for opposing players. Donning the Mega Man suit for a super was a particularly cool touch. Why not move him up to the major leagues and pit him against the likes of Iron Man and Thor?


11. Zero (Mega Man X)
Zero received his long overdue nod in TvC, and it only makes sense to include him here. His move-set complimented the style of play well, so it isn’t like he’d have to be adapted from scratch. The foundation is there, it’s just time to give him the roster spot.

The Others:


12. Strider Hiryu (Strider)
It only makes sense to include Strider, seeing as how he was one of the most popular characters in MvC2. He has a unique moveset, mixing both swords with machinery, and he represents a golden age of gaming. Plus, who deserves more recognition that Strider? No one, I say.


13. X (Mega Man X)
The original Mega Man fought in MvC2. Volnutt from Mega Man Legends represented in TvC. Mega Man Zero was in SvC Chaos. There’s only one type of Mega Man left: X. X has the firepower, the ability, and the potential moveset to make a lasting impression on the Marvel vs Capcom scene. As a matter of fact, I think X would be better suited than Volnutt was in TvC. Mega Man will be in, there’s no question about it, so why not give the last of the Mega Men his due?


14. Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
If there’s one thing that Marvel had over Capcom in the second game, it was a better hero/villain ratio (17 heroes and 11 villains for Marvel, 24 heroes and 4 villains for Capcom). So far in Marvel vs Capcom 3, Capcom doesn’t have a single villain. Who better than the man responsible for practical human genocide? He could control the Uroboros from Resident Evil 5, as well as morph into that crazy-ass final boss version of himself for a Level 3 Super. Not only that, but he is directly antagonistic to Chris, who’s already in. It’s a no-brainer, if you ask me.


15. Mike Haggar (Final Fight)
The best ‘stache in gaming, Mayor Mike Haggar from Metro City would be a natural fit in MvC3. As it is, he’s the only original Final Fight character not to be in a fighting game (both Cody and Guy were in the Street Fighter Alpha series and SFIV). He would be a grappler, much like Street Fighter‘s Zangief, but he would represent Capcom’s rich game history. Bring on the Mayor!

Captain Commando

16. Captain Commando (Captain Commando)
CAPTAIN SWOOOOORD!! One of my personal faves from MvC2 (and I know I’m not the only one), Captain Commando was a great addition to the franchise. He was unique in his playstyle, always dangerous whether on the field or in support, and even including his partners from his Super Nintendo days like Ginzu and Mack the Knife. I’d love to see good ol’ Cap come back for one more battle.


17. Samanosuke (Onimusha)
With Soki’s inclusion in TvC, it was made clear that an Onimusha character could flourish in the VS world. Since MvC3 had a bit more hype to it, why not add the face of the Onimusha franchise to the fold? Samanosuke would probably play a lot like Soki, with minor changes that would pay homage to the two games that he was actually in. No matter how he’d play, Samanosuke should be in; not including him would be an injustice.


18. Nathan "Rad" Spencer (Bionic Commando)
If we’re really going to talk about the history of Capcom here, we need look no further than Nathan "Rad" Spencer, the Bionic Commando himself. Sure, his latest was a bit silly (think M. Night Shamalayan ending-twist silly), but the original game is one of the all-time greats. How many characters do you know that can take out Hitler? I can think of three: Captain America (who’s already in), Spencer (who ought to be), and B.J. Blazkowicz (who isn’t either company, so he doesn’t count). Spencer vs Captain America to decide who the better Hitler-killer is? Sign me up.

Phoenix Wright

19. Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney)
Yes, Niitsuma said that Phoenix here won’t be in, I know. But there’s one thing that cannot and should not be ignored, and it’s the fans. Capcom-Unity has the Suggestion Box on its website where people can write their ideas. I can count on one hand how many suggestions on the first 4 pages aren’t about Phoenix Wright being in this game. To say that he has a major following is a huge understatement. Not only that, he would add some humor to the MvC realm, with his finger pointing and OBJECTION yelling. It may not happen, but with all of the fans clamoring for it, it should.

These are characters who I think would fit, but did not make my cut. If the roster goes above my prediction of 38, look for these people:
Crimson Viper (SFIV), Wayne (Lost Planet), Monster Hunter franchise rep, Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil), Protoman (Mega Man)


9 spots currently filled, 10 to go

Characters from Other Capcom Fighters:


10. Spider-Man
Come on now, must I really explain this? Spider-Man has been in every Capcom fighting game featuring Marvel characters except for the very first one, and that was only because he isn’t part of the X-Men. Not to mention his silhouette is clearly visible in the Comic-Con trailer, and his character model can be seen on one of the posters in the parade stage. Spidey should just be revealed already, we all know he’s coming.


11. Magneto
People right now are saying "NO! NOT MAGNETO! HE’LL INFINITE US ALL TO DEATH!" Assuming that what was said at Comic-Con is true and that the balancing of the game will be better, I don’t think we’re going to have that problem. Magneto is easily one of the most popular Marvel villains, and leaving him out of this game would be a travesty, especially with how often he was used in the last one. It wouldn’t seem right to not have Magneto in.


12. Gambit
There hasn’t been a cross-over game yet that hasn’t featured the Ragin’ Cajun, and it shouldn’t start now. Gambit and his playing cards have been kickin’ ass since X-Men vs Street Fighter, quickly building his popularity among gamers. Why take him out now? Kinetic Card, Trick Card, and Cajun Slash are moves I want to be dishing out in MvC3.


13. Shuma-Gorath
When I first saw Shuma-Gorath in Marvel Super Heroes on the PS1, all I could think to myself was "Who in the hell is that?" As I got used to the character, however, I began to really take a liking to him. I even won a 16-friend tournament with Shuma, after everyone laughed about my choosing him. Perhaps this is a personal preference pick, but I really want to see the one-eyed, many-tentacled Lord of Chaos back for more.


14. Juggernaut
He’s the Juggernaut, bitch. We’ve been fighting against him in Capcom-made X-Men fighters since the very beginning. If you were open to attack and saw Juggernaut preparing the Head Crush, you know you were in real trouble. It would seem unfair to leave out such a prominent character, so for the sake of this list, I refuse to do so.

Brand New Additions:


15. She-Hulk
Nothing would make me happier than to see the female Hulk dish out some pain in MvC3. I always thought she was an excellent character, but one that was always overshadowed by her bigger, angrier cousin. I think I may get my wish, if comments by both Seth Killian and Ryota Niitsuma are to be believed. Firstly, Seth came out and said that only one of the following people would make the roster: Daredevil, Phoenix Wright, She-Hulk. Not too long after, at Comic-Con 2010, Niitsuma declared a handful of characters not to be in the game. Among them were Daredevil and Phoenix Wright. Confirmation through process of elimination? I hope so!

Silver Surfer

16. Silver Surfer
Rumors are flying about the Silver Surfer’s inclusion after a magazine scan hit the web. The more I read of the supposed leak, the better I felt about Surfer being in. The idea of him never touching the ground while he fights is very intriguing. Expert players will probably be able to turn Surfer into the Magneto of MvC3: every time someone selects him, you know you’ve lost. I didn’t like Surfer’s chances, but after seeing that leak, he now seems like a lock.


17. Elektra
Nothing quite like a beautiful kunoichi (female ninja assassin) to round out the cast, eh? Elektra will add some much-needed female presence to the game, as well as a deadly assortment of ninja moves, including the use of her deadly sais. Her popularity in the Marvel universe is no secret; hell, Frank Miller loves her so much, artists have to ask him to use her in their comics. I certainly Capcom asks to use her as well, because she’d fit right in.

Dr. Strange

18. Dr. Strange
We can’t have Dormammu running around with Dr. Strange there to keep him in check, can we? The magical man may seem a bit too powerful for the MvC realm, but tell that to Superman fans, and they’ll laugh in your face while mentioning Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. If anyone’s going to tip the balance of power in Marvel’s favor, look no further than the Doc.


19. The Sentry
I wasn’t sold on Sentry at first. I thought he was a bit too soft in Marvel Civil War, despite knocking out Wolverine. After I went back and read World War Hulk, however, I changed my mind. Sentry and Hulk have a battle of epic proportions, easily one of my favorite battles in Marvel Comics. I don’t see any reason why Capcom couldn’t take what they see in that battle (among other Sentry battles, of course) and adapt it into an effective moveset. I’d sure like to see it.

Marvel Alternates:
X-23, Iceman, Nova, Cyclops, Rogue, Psylocke

38 characters, 19 for Capcom, 19 for Marvel. Of course, this is a wish list and nothing more, but if this were the final roster, I’d be drooling to play. We won’t know the full roster until Capcom gives it to us, but until then, keep on speculating.


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