Mass Effect launching on November 20th

masseffectchatMicrosoft Game Studios officially announced the final U.S. launch date for Bioware’s sci-fi/RPG Mass Effect — November 20, 2007. Utilizing the Unreal Engine 3, the Xbox 360-exclusive game will have players don the boots of Commander Shepard as he/she travels the universe.

A video is below showcasing the game’s robust character customization system. The video also showcases the game’s unique conversation system, which allows you to preview and select responses before the other NPC is finished talking, in order to provide a more free-flowing style of communication. Also NPCs will react accordingly if you skip over conversations because an interruption is pretty rude, especially in real-life.

As for the game’s character customization system, you can see the details are pretty thorough. You can change their appearance, gender, abilities and even military background. Initially, the game will come with six character classes, along with six unlockable ones. Each class comes with several talents, which may be tied to the military background you choose.


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