Massively multiplayer Duty

Vivactivizzard Activision, a company who you can always count on to "exploit" their intellectual properties, is looking into the MMO market for one of their biggest titles. This comes as a little surprise since it has only been four months since Vivendi, Activision and Blizzard had a love child named Vivactivizzard.

Apparently Activision has been discussing how to make Call of Duty an MMO with the Warcraft creators. With Call of Duty 4 being the most played game on Xbox Live for five straight weeks, I can see why Activision is looking to see how they can both expand that franchise and cash in on the millions of people playing their game. The MMO space just seems like a strange landscape for such a focused and popular first-person shooter.

I understand that Call of Duty is one of the hottest properties right now and that the MMO market is a place where you can make cash hand over fist (especially in Asia) but come on. A Call of Duty MMO? I hope Activision thinks long and hard on this, because I’ve run it through my head a hundred times already and I just don’t see it.


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