Master Chief vs. Samus: Who would win?

Get a bunch of gamers together and some of the usual topics that will come up include games, sports, movies, girls, and comic books. One or more of the subjects is always bound to surface given enough time. In regards to comic books, there are always the arguments over which superhero could kick which superhero’s behind. We’re all familiar with the Spiderman vs. Wolverine, Superman vs. The Hulk, etc. match-ups.

But one match-up has been running around the gaming community that has more than a few gamers arguing about who would win — Master Chief of the Halo series against Samus of Metroid Prime. While we can’t really give you an answer to this burning question, one animator, named Monty Oum, has decided to put together a short film of just who would win the battle. More amazing is the fact that Oum is entirely self taught. We won’t give the ending away, but it certainly is something that we didn’t expect.

If this question is burning in your mind as to who would win, check out Haloid.


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