Mega Man ZX Advent Review

Another year, another Mega Man. By this point, you really should know exactly what you’re getting when you pick up a “traditional” Mega Man game: classic 2d sidescrolling action, with little new, but plenty of nostalgia. Mega Man ZX Advent is really no different, and continues the flatlining of the Mega Man series.

Of course, the biggest complaint (maybe only legit one) I have about this archaic gameplay is the fact that the enemies STILL respawn when you leave the screen. I know everyone’s brought this up, but it’s really frustrating in a game where you may backtrack to have to fight enemies multiple times, especially if you accidentally leave the screen. Have them respawn on a timer or something, Capcom!

The most frustrating portion of last year’s ZX game – the awful, awful map – has thankfully been fixed. You can now see a much clearer map which gives you detailed directions on how to get to certain areas. No longer do you need to wander around like Mega Chicken with its Head Cut Off. Think of something in between a crappy map like the last ZX and Metroid, and you’ve got Advent.

The Biometal suit also makes a return. People who are only familiar with the original (and classic) Mega Man titles will recall that when you beat a boss, you gain their weapon. In Advent, you’re able to completely transform into your enemy using Biometal. This feature in Advent wasn’t really fleshed out as well as it could have been, though, and almost all of the suits and variations are completely useless. This is even more noticeable with the increase in total suits from the last ZX game.

Time and time again you’ll try one out for a brief moment, then switch back to your original suit, Model A. Using the extra suits will allow you to beat bosses and find hidden areas, but for general gameplay you’re better off just using the original.

Obviously, the combat and difficulty in this game is going to be too much for some. It is Mega Man, after all. Old-school gamers will cringe remembering some of their failures in past Mega Man games, and Advent is no different. New gamers who aren’t used to playing a difficult sidescroller are in for a treat, as Advent is a throwback to a much more difficult era in gaming.

That may be the biggest flaw of Mega Man ZX Advent: it’s a complete throwback. With the first ZX, it almost seemed as if we were on the brink of a real, honest to goodness revamp of the Mega Man series in a sidescrolling environment. Something we haven’t seen yet. Advent came along, however, and nothing has changed. If anything, we’ve regressed. Sure, the map is better, the second screen is used more often, and the suits are more varied, but the actual game itself feels like it should have come out before Mega Man ZX.

If you’re a fan of Mega Man, that shouldn’t keep you from getting this game. Fans of the Mega Man series and people who loved Mega Man ZX will find what they already love in Advent. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s still fun, and a great throwback to a much simpler time in gaming.


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