Mercenaries 2 Threatens Venezuela

The public is well familiar with the controversy regarding the supposed association of violent behavior and persons who play violent video games. Although there has been no conclusive evidence to any linkage between the two, debate continues on the subject.

Political allies of Venezuela,s president, Hugo Chavez, claim that the video game is a veiled depiction of what the United States is actually planning to do in its plans to overthrow the Chavez government. The game,s storyline involves a conflict over oil reserves, which then spill over to a takeover and invasion of the country of Venezuela.

Gabriela Ramirez, a legislator, said the game, “…gives a false vision of Chavez as a tyrant and Venezuela as being on the verge of chaos.” Congressman Ismael Garcia remarked to AP, “I think the U.S. government knows how to prepare campaigns of psychological terror so they can make things happen later."

It is evident that the entertainment medium of video games has taken on the unfortunate role as a whipping boy for all the world,s problems-from unruly and antisocial behavior to overthrowing governments. But at the heart of all this is not the problem of video games influencing human behavior. Rather, it is human behavior influencing video games. Once this distinction can be made, perhaps social change can begin.


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