MGS Creator Says: "The PS3 is the Future"

Sony has been battered by the press and gaming community of late, for its PS3. Several factors related to Sony,s next-gen console primarily concern its expensive pricing, lack of a rumble feature in the new controller and apparent lack of value for such a high price tag. However, there are those in the industry which have full faith in the PS3,s role in transforming the game console industry into a vibrant cutting edge business. One of those voices is Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed franchise, Metal Gear Solid. In an interview given to IGN, Kojima gave his views on the strengths and weaknesses of the PS3 and why he has confidence in the machine.

As reported earlier several weeks ago, Kojima reiterated his comparison of the PS3 with that of a movie theater experience as opposed to a less involving encounter with the other game consoles, “The PS3 is a movie theater. You pay 1,800 yen ($15.50) and view a movie with great sound and a huge image. These aren’t movies that are remade directly from television, but video that’s been made for the movies, and everyone comes wanting that. Xbox 360 is watching a DVD at home. It’s for people who want to watch a movie, but anything is okay. The Wii is a television program. You turn on the television, and you can watch soccer or watch a variety show — enjoy a program lightly."

Kojima expressed his firm belief that the PS3 is the future for game consoles while also noting that while Nintendo,s Wii has garnered quite a bit of attention, that it still was based upon old technology. "If you think about the future of the industry and game creators, I get the feeling that the winner had better be the movie theater — or, the PS3. No one will say that the price is cheap. However, the PS3 is ‘the future The Wii is interesting, but in terms of functions, it’s a machine with past concepts."

While the main buzz about the PS3 is about its expensive price point, Kojima points out that while this is true, the situation will change in the future with the release of more games and the acceptance of the Blu-ray DVD format. "Right now, as a game machine, it’s too expensive. If the hard disk and Blu-Ray spread, in line with that, the situation for the PS3 will change in 1 to 2 years. At the present, it’s definitely too expensive, but I believe that when the games are there, it will change naturally. Thinking two to three years from now, the PS3 will be the most appropriate. We feel that when the games that we’re making are released, the PS3 will be strong in the market."

Most importantly, Kojima believes that the PS3,s entry into the game market is crucial for the industry if it is to advance. He said, "If the evolutionary roads like the PS3 are closed off, the industry will no longer grow. Making games for the PS3 will of course cost money, but if you put a stop to that, what will happen to the game industry? Is it okay if everyone just makes variety-style games? It will become like television is now. Comedians make an appearance in a quiz-style show — that’s not culture."

Kojima,s belief that the PS3 is crucial to the video game industry,s health is a bold one, and not an opinion that is held by many. However, his points are valid and make sense from a technological viewpoint. The PS3, arguably, has the most sophisticated processing chip, for a game console, on the market and has incorporated, in that it hopes to be, will be the de facto standard of next gen HD DVD technology. In this sense, Sony is going “all-in” with its hopes that the gamble they are taking will pay off in major dividends. Whether this gutsy move, or as some would argue, a foolhardy move by Sony, is successful or not, remains to be seen. But in any event, as the November launch date quickly approaches for the PS3, millions around the world will be watching to see if the PS3 will be the cutting edge in game equipment or a futile exercise in a public relations failure.


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