Microsoft Calls PS3 A Next-Gen DVD Player

Sony has recently dubbed its next-gen PS3 not just a game console, but a computer, hoping to emphasize the superiority of their machine over the competition. Microsoft, never in the habit of leaving any comments from Sony left unanswered, said that Sony was entirely wrong about its description of the PS3.

European Xbox 360 chief, Neil Thompson threw down another gauntlet on the already large pile of contentious words and remarked to Spong, "I think [Sony] has missed the ball, in that it,s not really a next-generation games player – it,s a next-generation DVD player. For us, that,s great news, because we think we make the next-generation games console. We,ve got the content to back that up, we,ve got Xbox Live to back that up, we,ve got price-points that are very compelling.”

Thompson decided to twist the knife a little more by pointing to Sony,s past record of failed attempts in releasing new hardware, thus making a more than subtle connection to the PS3. “If gamers are desperate to get the next-generation DVD player, then they,ll start considering Blu-ray and the PS3. But Sony is the company that brought us Betamax, MiniDisc and UMD – I,m not convinced people today will go and bet the farm on buying a Blu-ray disc.”


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