Microsoft Cans Rumors of 360 Price Drop

In some cases, rumors can lead to action. But a recent rumor floating around the game community apparently, at least for now, is just wishful thinking.

The rumor was this: Microsoft was planning upon a $100 price reduction of its 360 upon the release of the PS3, in order to undercut sales of Sony,s machine. The rumors have reached the ears of Microsoft execs and have prompted them to respond.

Chris Lewis, a representative of Microsoft Europe countered by saying, "We have no plans to make any price adjustment. The last couple of days have reinforced the fact that we have a great value proposition, giving consumers choice, thanks to the core system. We,re not forcing the consumer down a route with HD playback. We certainly don,t think it,s necessary to make any changes to the current price point."

Although there may be “no plans” by Microsoft in lowering their Xbox 360 prices, this stance by the Big M may change with a strong release of Nintendo,s Wii and/or the popularity of Sony,s PS3. If either of these conditions are met, Microsoft will most like reconsider its plans on revising its price points for their 360 packages.


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