Microsoft Europe Denies 360 Price Drop

When the PlayStation 3 was launched in North America last November, gamers and industry official alike watched Microsoft and the pricing structure of the Xbox 360; a cost reduction for the 360 in order to take away from the PS3’s marketshare during its initial launch seemed like a realistic possibility. The speculation turned out to be nothing more than just that, as the Xbox 360’s MSRP remained untouched. However, with the launch of the PS3 coming to Europe in March, rumors have again surfaced that the 360 will be lowering its price.

But according to MCV, Chris Lewis, Microsoft’s Regional Home and Entertainment VP, said there will be no decrease in price. "There are no plans. We’re offering outstanding value and choice–especially when you compare us to our soon-to-be competitor." Lewis added that a price cut would have to meet three pieces of criteria before such an action could proceed, including "the historical seasonality of sales during the period, the pricing of the product, and inventory levels that we have already sold to retailers".

Lewis expressed exasperation when faced with Sony’s PS3 launch plans, concluding that customers will be able to determine which system is best for them. "I’ve given up trying to keep up with what Sony is announcing or not announcing. Sony will launch and sell out its limited quantities. And consumers will try to figure out if the addition of unproven technology is worth the


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