Microsoft going for more "family focused" titles

360 controllerThey say you can’t argue with success and it seems as if Microsoft is taking these words of wisdom to heart by taking some pointers from Nintendo–its going to produce more family focused games.

According to, Alan Bowman of Microsoft’s Asian Pacific operations said, "A key strategy for us is to give [a] broad choice for people. You need to provide content which broadens your base of users from core gamers to different age groups."

In the past, Microsoft has stated that Nintendo’s gaming audience and Microsoft’s were aimed at two completely different gaming crowds and inferred that it felt safe with their own niche of products. But with the astounding success of the Wii and it’s family oriented titles, the Big M seems to have taken notice and is retooling for new games aimed at this lucrative market.

Bowman continued, "We’re doing a lot in broadening the content for the Xbox 360. Now they’re starting to produce games with very, very broad appeal. If you look at Guitar Hero, it’s something which can be played by the whole family, by kids, males, females, adults. Kids also love our Viva Piñata Party Animals game, so it’s games like that."

In an odd world where Nintendo is trying to go after the hardcore crowd and Microsoft is attempting to draw more casual gamers into their fold, it can only mean one thing for gamers–they’ll be more variety for both game platforms.


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