Microsoft Investigating Hacked Xbox Live Accounts

If you have an Xbox Live account, you may want to look at your recent transactions with a little bit more care, as an increasing number of incidents of credit card hijacking have been reported, according to a story on CNET. The stolen credit card info is used by the thieves to purchase Microsoft Points, which are then cashed in to buy online games and products. The occurrences of fraud on Xbox Live aren’t anything new, but Microsoft is finally taking steps to investigate the problems because of the growing complaints about the thefts.

One gamer on the Xbox Forums, Y The Red Bear, described his frustration with Microsoft’s handling of the situation. "My Xbox live account was hacked and all credit card info was stolen and used to run up points, etc. Microsoft says, ‘Oh, well, better call your credit card companies; nothing we can do.’" He then added, "Beware that, like Internet Explorer, you are not safe on Xbox Live either. And Microsoft just walks away from it."

Microsoft responded to the hacking problems in a statement to CNET, saying, "Recently, there have been reports of fraudulent activity and account theft taking place on the Xbox Live network. Security is a top priority for Xbox Live, and we are actively investigating all reports of fraudulent behavior and theft."


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