Microsoft releases new high-end wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboard and mouseMicrosoft has just released a new high-end keyboard and mouse set, the Wireless Entertainment 8000 package, and it got me thinking. 

When I say it got me thinking, I mean Frank locked me in his basement until I could come up with an article, but that’s not the point. (Well, I did provide bread and water for you. – frank ) Do we really need these expensive PC peripherals? The keyboard is aimed at those with Media Centre PC setups in their living rooms, but it can be used with any computer.

Clocking in at around $300 the set is indeed expensive. You can get a Logitech G25 racing wheel, one of the best racing wheels available, for the same price, and an Xbox 360 for only $50 more. Hell, you can get a new 8800GT 512MB card for less than $300!

Of course, there will always be people who want the best, but other than having maybe a few extra buttons, this set doesn’t do a whole lot more than any other wireless set. I know a number of people with Media Center setups in their lounge rooms, and other than quickly navigating through a menu to find a recording or maybe surfing the web every now and then, their keyboard and mice are hardly ever used.

Unless you really need to have the latest and greatest peripherals, cheaper options are normally the best options.

[via PCMag]


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