Microsoft Says Sony Mistakes Have Helped the 360

In a new twist by Microsoft, Microsoft Game Studios VP Shane Kim says that one of the reasons that the Xbox 360 has been so successful is due to the help it received from Sony — indirectly, that is. Kim said that Sony’s mistakes with its handling of the PS3 have served Microsoft well.

Speaking with Gamasutra, Kim said, "We’re the leading game development platform, and I think we have the best exclusive content. Certainly I feel like we’re executing our strategy, and it’s running on all cylinders. Sony has helped us with their own missteps, and I’d be foolish not to say that it’s not helping us. That’s fine. I feel better about our competitive position than when we launched the platform."

When discussing Nintendo, Kim maintained the previous, fairly positive attitude that Microsoft has shown for the company. "… In general, I applaud Nintendo for their success. I think what they’re doing is very important. They’re trying to bring more people into the industry and — objectively speaking — I think it’s Nintendo and Microsoft that are really generating the excitement for the industry. And that’s important for the industry."

What is ironic about Kim’s statements is that only a scant year ago, Microsoft never even mentioned Nintendo when talking about the next-gen console races — they always referred to Sony as the major contender and essentially placed Nintendo in the background. But since then, Microsoft has spoken of Nintendo in a positive light, while continuing its indirect attack on Sony.


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