Microsoft Steps Back into the Ring

Just when you thought that the console big-wigs were shaking hands and playing nice, Microsoft,s Richard Teversham had to go and throw another jab. In an interview with MCV, Teversham bashed both PS3 and Wii in one fell swoop. Of particular concern and disgust to Teversham was Sony,s launch price and Nintendo,s hardware.

He expressed concern about the PS3,s launch in Europe. “Sony has got great loyalty, and they are going to seriously use that loyalty to ensure that they sell a console,” said the Microsoft head. “On day one they will have pre-sold most of what they,ve got. But the question is, will they actually be able to launch in Europe and if they do, what are the tiny quantities going to be in Europe?”

In the interview, he dismissed rumors of a price cut on the 360, but he criticized Sony,s pricing decisions: “The question is: When are they going to drop the price? I think a lot of gamers out there are going to be saying ‘I,ll wait for the price to drop,, or even better, they,ll buy a 360.”

Just when we thought he was finished, he added one final blow at Nintendo: “And although the Wii is almost a GameCube with a DVD drive, is Nintendo going to have enough quantity to satisfy the demand?”

Although none of Teversham,s comments were breaking news or revolutionary criticisms, the interview may spark another heated fury of back-and-forth insults between the console representatives.


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