Microsoft will get rid of the Seinfeld ads

bill and jerryMicrosoft is getting rid of Seinfeld. The commercials recently seen on television, starring none other than Billy Gates and Jerry Seinfeld, were met with yawns and the scratching of heads. What are the commercials about, anyway?

Microsoft decided to spend about $300 million on television ads to try to get people to give Vista another chance. The commercials tried to mimic the feel of a Seinfeld show. The ads were, in short, about nothing.

Microsoft sounds as if it is trying to put their own spin on why they are dropping Seinfeld. Is it because the ads didn’t connect with the public? Not according to Microsoft. It says that it was only "phase one" of their strategy and that they were always planning on moving away from the Seinfeld based commercials.

Sure, sure. It probably also has to do with the horrible sinking feeling Microsoft had when people saw the commercials and said, "Getoutahere!"

No doubt, the ad agency that developed the Jerry and Bill commercials will be fired and forced to watch Seinfeld reruns for an entire year..24/7. Who knows, maybe the next really big idea on the list will star Bill Gates and Tina Fey.

And just in case you forgot what they were about, take a look at the videos below.

[via valleywag]


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