Microsoft''s Origami Project Unfolds

The computer and game industry is high with speculation about Microsoft™s new Origami device. As reported here on GamerNode this week, the new product from the Big M is shrouded in mystery as scant details have been released about a compact tablet PC. Videos that were produced by an ad agency were mysteriously taken down after news started to circulate around the web and the world about the new product. At the time, the only info available about the Origami Project was that it would be small, allow web surfing, and have games. Was this another handheld game device? We didn™t know for sure. But today, more information has come out and actual details about Microsoft™s new handheld are coming to light. One thing for certain, Microsoft has taken a page from the marketing book of Apple and is creating quite a media spectacle on the mysterious item. Information was leaked from an inside tip from within Microsoft. The anonymous informer told Associated Press that the new machine will be about the size of a paperback book and will run Windows XP. The Origami appears to be a larger version of the popular pocket PCs that have been on the market for several years. These devices, while performing big brother PC functions such as spreadsheets, word processing, web surfing and the like, were fairly expensive and inconvenient because of the small screen size. Some saw these products as nothing more than upscale PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). The Microsoft source indicated that the new mini-PC will make its debut at an industry conference set for March 9. The new mini-computer would be available to the market shortly after. Price point for the new machine will be from $500-$1000, but exact figures are not available yet. So what can the new Origami do? The tipster said the computers will most likely be less powerful in computing power than standard sized PCs, but will still have all the functionality of a PC, without the keyboard. The input device will most likely incorporate a touch screen or other input mechanism. GamerNode speculates that the device will have some form of handwriting recognition. This would make sense as inputting information by tapping numerous onscreen buttons would detract from the functionality of the unit, whereas a device that could recognize handwriting would be far superior. Who is Microsoft targeting for this product? Most likely those who would like more functionality and power than a PDA, but without the form factor of a notebook computer. And what type of individual is this? That would encompass practically everyone who was looking for a portable device which could surf the web, play movies, games and music.


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