Miyamoto speaks on lots of topics and much more

miyamotoWhenever anyone gets to sit down on a one-on-one interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, you know something interesting is going to come out.

This is the man who paved much of the way for all the Halos, Final Fantasies and Maddens to be created and spawned a form of entertainment that sits side-by-side with movies, television, and music.

For those too lazy to read the rather lenghty interview, there are some interesting topics Mr. Miyamoto covers. At the top of the list has to be where Mario got his name, how Miyamoto views the videogame and movie industry relationship, and why the Wii is such a success.

Miyamoto also talked about why videogame movies ultimately don’t work. In the simplest terms, it is because they are two different forms of medium with varying levels of interactivity.

In order to keep someone entertained, different methods must be used by both mediums. Obviously, these methods don’t always translate well from one medium to the other. (Ewe Boll, are you paying attention?)

To get the full gist of the article, here is the link. I totally recommend you check it out since, while long, it is still an entertaining and vital read.

[Via Next Generation]


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