MLB 2K12 Developer Q & A

MLB 2K12

On Monday, March 5, Mark Little, senior producer for MLB 2K12, took the time to answer some questions in a developer conference call. Question topics ranged from differences between this and last year’s games, to balancing the weight between realism and fun.

Another major focus dealt with improvements to the Perfect Game Challenge, where the first person to pitch a perfect game while playing in this mode is no longer automatically the million dollar winner. Now, there is specific time frame in which players can attempt to pitch perfect games (April 4 – 30). This is known as the qualification phase.

“On any given day, when you select the Perfect Game Challenge mode, if you throw a perfect game, it’s going to scored based on an algorithm we have, based on the difficulty of the match and how well you pitched,” Little said. “If that score gets you into a Top 8 Leaderboard, which is on our website, you will qualify to go into our tournament. The tournament is going to be an eight person, head-to-head, single elimination structure to decide who wins a million dollars.”

Little also addressed concerns about bugs and glitches, and gave an overview of how he and the Visual Concepts development team made strides in making MLB 2K12‘s online multiplayer mode as lag-free as possible.

“The focus this year with online [play] was to get to that seamless play experience – that offline type play experience online,” Little said.

To find out more, the entire Q&A session audio is available for playback below.


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